Rebranded & Refreshed

Welcome to Contrarian Ventures 2.0

  • We decided to refresh our visual identity and get a cooler website as the old felt clunky;
  • We ran a structured “beauty contest” to find the best service providers;
  • We hired awesome partners — design agency DDB and developers NFQ to help us execute;
  • “Straight Talker and Real Doer” best summarises what our visual identity means;
  • We are excited to share the result.

In Need of Refresh

The Beauty Contest

  1. Engaged our freelance designer friend who has done this multiple times before to guide us through the process and connect us to the right agencies/developers;
  2. Put together a design brief and sent it to 10 pre-selected agencies and asked for their proposals; 📃
  3. Received 5 concrete proposals with a number of agencies not wanting to participate in a “beauty contest”. Some proposals were disappointing and not thought through well enough. Some were insightful but the pricing range was more suited for Procter & Gamble than a small, up-and-coming VC firm 🤑
  4. Selected DDB to lead this process for us. We were blown away by the amount of work they’ve put into our proposal, the understanding that they’ve quickly acquired about the global VC industry, our direct and indirect competitors, and the whole sustainable energy transition theme. A clear winner. 🏆

Trust the Process

Photo: Belongs to the internet
Photo: Belongs to the internet
  • What specific qualities attracted you to Contrarian Ventures?
  • What are the three words that best describe Contrarian Ventures?
  • What is your idea of an ideal VC?

Facelift Delivered 💄

“The Mindless Persona”.



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Contrarian Ventures

Investors backing European early-stage tech champions in the Energy and e-Mobility.