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Contrarian Ventures

Dear Climate Community!

We’re Contrarian Ventures, an early-stage sustainable energy transition focused VC fund. We take climate and community seriously. We’re the founders of Climate 50 — the most up to date, comprehensive and insightful global climate VC ranking for the climate community. We started Climate 50 as an annual ranking with the aim of providing recognition to the most impactful climate VC investors allocating capital to entrepreneurs moving us closer to net-zero (we like to call them “climate + ve capital”).


The world’s most profound scientists tell us that 2020 was the point of no return. From this point…

Energy Tech SPAC Activity in 2020 accelerating, generating over 27 billion euros in potential public market liquidity
Energy Tech SPAC Activity in 2020 accelerating, generating over 27 billion euros in potential public market liquidity

The energy tech sector historically is one where exit activity does not show obvious growth or could be described as exploding. But does the current global socioeconomic environment provide a perfect storm to change that? We looked at a few trends to try and gauge how much is the sector’s exit activity might be changing going forward.

Energy Tech Targeting SPAC vehicles

Big news in energy tech space exits are dominated by SPAC activity. With big names in batteries, electric vehicles and hydrogen, SPACs are emerging as a preferred route for market validation of these companies’ technologies and business models. The special purpose acquisition companies…

Dear Climate Community!

This post is important to us. But it’s also kinda long. So if you’re short on time here’s TL;DR:

  • We decided to refresh our visual identity and get a cooler website as the old felt clunky;
  • We ran a structured “beauty contest” to find the best service providers;
  • We hired awesome partners — design agency DDB and developers NFQ to help us execute;
  • “Straight Talker and Real Doer” best summarises what our visual identity means;
  • We are excited to share the result.

Hopefully, you got hooked. So please read on to better understand the reasons behind this…

Investment into Vianova

Cities are becoming more populated each year, driving the demand for mobility services. In the past few years, cities saw an unprecedented rise of new urban mobility solutions, such as e-scooters and last-mile delivery services reshaping urban mobility. During Covid-19, France alone has created an additional 1,000 km of temporary bike lanes to manage an inflow of new cyclists.

However, this brought up a challenge of enhancing public and sustainable mobility to avoid unnecessary congestion of space in cities. World Economic Forum itself stated that “a mix of public, crowd-sourced and private-operator mobility data provides municipalities with…

Global Grid Inspection and Drone Technology Startup Map
Global Grid Inspection and Drone Technology Startup Map

Infrastructure maintenance is a challenge. Even more, it is a growing one, as the way we use the infrastructure is changing rapidly, driven by the sustainable energy transition. It is a challenge that when unsolved, can cause enormous damage to the environment and immediate populations, ranging from rolling blackouts to all engulfing fires like we have seen in California, US most recently.

Having invested in three drone companies: Sterblue, Hepta and Thrust Intelligent UAV Systems, we wanted to share our view on automated grid inspection technologies and where we see the solutions developing further. …

Global Carbon Management And Emissions Reduction Technology Startup Map
Global Carbon Management And Emissions Reduction Technology Startup Map

Presently, there is no single standard by which to measure environmental, social and corporate governance. And most of the time today each company has a unique strategy in how they implement it into their operations. This creates a real challenge to any company in first figuring out what the principle even means. We thought we would focus the main topic of this month’s newsletter to aid with the “environmental” part and looked into the emerging as well as scalling companies working on technologies for emissions estimation and reduction. …

The team at Eliq has raised EUR 5 million Series A funding round to scale their advanced customer engagement platform and expand into a wider array of offerings for utility customers in Europe.

Contrarian Ventures co-led the round with Inven Capital. Existing investors followed-on in the round as well. The investment brings Eliq’s total funding since its launch to €9 million and will help the company aggressively expand its sales and marketing efforts as well as accelerate product development. Contrarian Ventures Managing Partner Rokas Peciulaitis will join Eliq’s Board of Directors.

“Having energy tech-focused funds lead our financing says a…

The 75 hydrogen technology startups and companies disrupting the space
The 75 hydrogen technology startups and companies disrupting the space

If you are someone who has been in the midst of the popular energy debate for at least a few decades, the so-called hydrogen revolution is by no means a new concept for you. Is it not merely a more flashy cousin of solar energy that has boomed since the 2000s? Let us explain why we think that the green hydrogen is finally up next.

We are very excited to present another edition of the Contrarian Ventures series of technology companies maps — this time we embarked on the hydrogen adventure across the globe.

We wanted to showcase the 75…

We are pleased to announce a 950.000 euro investment in intelligent electric vehicle charging solutions company Inbalance grid. We were joined by a number of investors in the seed round to help the company launch its platform. Inbalance grid’s business model makes it cost-effective and profitable to invest in charging infrastructure while drivers benefit from a reasonable mileage rate.

Investment was led by Contrarian Ventures, with the majority of investment, coming from venture capital fund Koinvesticinis fondas which invests along-side business angels and other funds. …

Energy Storage Batteries Lithium Ion Startup Company Map Ecosystem Efficiency Management Hydrogen Fuel Cells
The 100 energy storage technology startups and companies disrupting the space

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We are living at an age when managing one’s impact on the environment is not an option anymore. The transition to sustainable business models and lifestyles is very evident, and most countries and corporations are behind the change, be it driven by values or regulation.

We see the huge importance of alternative energy storage to decarbonise the grid, stabilize distributed energy resources, power long haul trucks or your electric scooter. …

Contrarian Ventures

Investors backing European early-stage tech champions in the Energy and e-Mobility.

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